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I have over 25 years of experience in the roofing and slating trade. A1 Roofing Kent have 14 years of experience in the roofing trade performing all roofing jobs. Experienced roofers in Kent, United Kingdom have many years experience in the roofing and building industry and specialise in all aspects of roofing including roof repairs . With 18 years experience in the roof trade A1 Roofing Kent are experienced roofers in Kent, United Kingdom.

If you are located in Kent and searching for a local roofing company, I highly recommend you A1 Roofing Kent roofing for their services because they are best and they deal with all aspects of roofing including lead work, slating, tiling, flat roofs, guttering, fascia's, soffits and chimney repairs all over Kent and nearby areas. Chimneys often need repairs because a chimney is exposed to various environmental factors and is especially vulnerable to high winds.
A1 Roofing Kent focuses on working with both domestic and commercial customers to avoid freezing during extreme weather conditions. For services to domestic and commercial customers A1 Roofing Kent provide installation and repair services from a team of professional roofers.
In the event of a roofing emergency, the company has experience in offering roofing services to cater for the situation and avoid the subsequent challenges that arises. 24 hour care service puts customers in direct touch with A1 Roofing Kent experts on duty to attend to emergency roofing on Kent .
To the clients who inquire about the epdm roofing system, it is available from A1 Roofing Kent; epdm flat roofing can be installed in your premise according to your specification -mechanically attached or fully adhered. A1 Roofing Kent was nominated for the best Decra (a small firm roofing system that specialize on 10 degree low pitched roofs) of the year; that is no small feat achievement on aspects of roofing including epdm flat, epdm flat roof, epdm flat roofing, and lead among others, that comes with 20 year guarantee.

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Give us a call whenever you have a problem with your roof. On the other hand, give us a call on 01622 962093 or email us EMAIL today.

Fascias and Soffits by A1 Roofing Kent

A1 Roofing Kent other roofing services also include chimney stack repairs, removal, and rebuilds, fascia and soffit replacement including the guttering if required. At Kent roofing services, we use our expertise to replace fascias and soffits for any home.

Industrial and Commercial Roofers in Kent, United Kingdom

A1 Roofing Kent roofing fix new roofs and repair roofs including flat roofs for domestic, commercial and industrial clients. A1 Roofing Kent offers an all-encompassing roofing service for domestic, commercial and industrial clients.

GRP Fibreglass Roofing from A1 Roofing Kent

If you have a problem, please call us now on 01622 962093 or use the email [email protected] to send a message stating your challenge with a roof; we can deal with repairs but also replacement of a whole faulty system, anything to do with slating, tiling, flat roofing, chimneys roof repairs as well as the related problems like repair flat roofing grp fibreglass, loose slate will also be given attention as the team of experts with several years of experience work on the faulty areas, additionally, other simpler but fundamental services such as gutter cleaning service, available fascias, soffits, guttering and protector systems are also checked, as the company is a roofing and repairs specialist, lead works and chimneys can be removed if our experts find out that they are malfunctioning and ineffective, other services that our experts offer are general property maintenance and inspection of the roofing systems to identify the most vulnerable areas in times of adverse weather conditions that may cause losses if not well attended to or lately discovered, and those opting for free quotes, be assured that your interest is our concern because here is where you can find it, now just call the company with no call out charge to be served by our customer service agents who are reliable and friendly to everybody, again, have all types of roofing work undertaken by our specialists and enjoy the benefits immediately. Not all roofing companies are experienced in all types of flat roofing, grp waterproofing, guttering, residential and commercial, soffits. fascias, tile, felt, and fibreglass, in like A1 Roofing Kent, setting it apart from the rest.

Flat Roof Specialists A1 Roofing Kent

A1 Roofing Kent roofing specialise in all aspects of pitched and flat roofing. Services offered include repairs, replacements (pitched and flat roofing), cleaning, and more.